David Guetta Finally Talks Tomorrowland Set: Did He See A Unicorn?


Finally, David Ketta Guetta has spoken on what happened during his Tomorrowland 2014 set, where he was caught spaced out and/or on some type of drug (shown above). You decide!

Taken from an interview on EDM.com, Guetta says the following:

"I think it happens to everyone to be in his own thoughts for thirty seconds. I thought it was really funny and ridiculous. Yes, I am in my thought for a minute and yes, I am probably very tired, like I am right now, because I do 150 shows a year and I am making an album. I do not sleep much.”

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So there you have it folks. David Guetta just copped to being on #TeamNoSleep.

Even if he is just tired and lost in his own thoughts (is the oven on?), it has made for some great memes and internet humor.

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