DCC Studios Spotlight: How To Accelerate Your DJ Career


DCC Studios Spotlight: How To Accelerate Your DJ Career

DCC Studios Spotlight: How To Accelerate Your DJ Career

So you want to be a working DJ? Or more like a highly paid DJ that headlines the top nightclubs and festivals around the globe. You spend late nights mastering your mixing skills and even start producing your own tracks, but they are just missing something? The whole thing starts to become a bit daunting. How can you keep your momentum and really have a real shot? Produce better tracks!

The question is how do you produce top shelf tracks without hours of work in the studio honing your skills and losing momentum as a DJ?

The answer is simple and countless big name DJs have done the same thing, they got help from an experienced engineer and producers.

Professional producers can help take your vision and refine it to Beatport Top Ten perfection. They take the bass a little deeper; make the drums a little crisper and the composition tighter giving the track the polish it needs to get noticed.

DCC’s producers and engineers are the perfect solution for budding DJs that want to get noticed with stellar sounding tracks.

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DCC Studios Spotlight: How To Accelerate Your DJ Career

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Why Should You Hire A Professional Producer To Help You Polish Up Your Tracks?

1. Get the exact sound and production quality you want for your music. Many DJs know exactly what they want their tune to sound like but often lack the engineering expertise to get it perfect. Hiring a producer to help you get it exactly where you want it will get you to where you need to be faster. DCC’s producers have worked with many top artists and have released over a dozen tracks and are specialized in certain genres. In addition, these guys are right at the forefront of the genre and can often make suggestions you might not have even thought of.

2. Get noticed. When you are putting out great music that is well produced and mastered you tend to get noticed a LOT faster. Spins on Soundcloud start to build your audience and create a strong fan base, which leads to all of your social media portals growing. It all starts with well produced music that people really connect with. This is the root of dance music success; you must be more than just a great DJ to get noticed.

3. Less studio time means more time for the hustle and working on getting DJ gigs to keep your career moving. Learn your production skills at your pace and rely on top-notch guys to help you as you grow. You need to spend time focusing on your DJ “brand” and marketing yourself like any other artist would. There are a million guys in the game, how can you stand out?

4. Protect your brand! No one will ever know, or probably even care, that you got some extra help with your track. The finished work is yours!

Let DCC Studios help you get your sound where it needs to be. Top producers, competitive rates and were even throwing in a discount. Get to it!

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