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Deadmau5 - Honda Stage Custom Concert with Live Nation

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Deadmau5 - Honda Stage Custom Concert with Live Nation

The Knock Downcenter, Queens New York
Photo Credit: Elyse Young

Honda Stage Custom Concert with Live Nation

On Tuesday, Deadmau5 performed at The Knockdown Center in Queens. Honda Stage and Live Nation sponsored the event - Honda Stage Custom Concert with Live Nation.

The outcome could not have been more pleasing.

The line was down and around the block. Mothers stood with their children and adults were seen still in their work attire, eager to make it in before the venue reached capacity. The Knockdown Center resembled a compound with neon lights scaling the brick walls. Once inside, the space brought back memories of warehouse raves with the bonus of booths providing free light-up sunglasses, light-up mau5-ear headbands, Pandora headphones and Honda Stage tee shirts. Acoustics reverberated throughout the space bouncing off the ancient structure, which was built in 1903. Concessions offered a variety of drinks and snacks but most importantly, $1.00 water. The stage was fully equipped with numerous LED panels, lighting rigs and no shortage of speakers. VIP was limited and did not compromise or dominate floor space, where the crowd was highly entertained by the robotic live stream camera hovering inches above their heads.

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A roar indicated Deadmau5 took the stage. He joked, "Well this is awkward" waiting for the OK to begin his set. Joel Zimmerman reminds everyone he is human, unlike most of today’s musicians. He dances around on stage for a laugh, trolls the audience (eee ii eee ii ooo, Ultra) and in his spare time takes to Twitter to interact with fans. His following is cult like. Finally, the first notes of his set shook the walls and led into "Take Care of The Proper Paperwork” then “Some Chords”. Mau5-ears were bopping in every direction to classics and remixes off his newest album, "5 Years of Mau5". Fans united singing "The Veldt" as the lights whirled and the LED panels streamed the famous music video. Deadmau5 sprinkled his set with fresh tracks such as an ID remix of "Aural Psynapse". Multiple times security supplied free rounds of water assessing everyone’s well being. He closed with “Seeya” featuring Colleen D’Agostino, leaving the audience screaming for more.


Photo Credit: Monk Hooper Seaman

Honda Stage and Live Nation crushed it. The event held onto its authenticity without sacrifice. The promotional aspect never out shined the concert’s real purpose: to celebrate “5 years of mau5”.

Be sure to check in with Honda StageLive Nation, The Knockdown Center and Deadmau5 for information on upcoming events!

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