deadmau5: Top 10 Songs For November 2014


deadmau5: Top 10 Tracks For November 2014

It's always interesting to see what those at the top of their game are listening to, whether it's rock, hip hop, or EDM. One of the most popular producers in our scene is deadmau5, and he has just shared his top 10 tracks.

It's a combination of progressive-. tech-, and electro-house, along with some drum & bass and techno tracks.  It's interesting to note that this chart isn't just a bunch of bangers from late 2014, or deadmau5 just pumping up his homies. Sure there are two tracks from his new 5 years of Mau5, but he also digs and puts a track from 2005 on the chart... come down selecta!

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Take a look, and you can listen on Beatport here.

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