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Die Antwoord To Star In 'Chappie' - The New Film From District 9 Director

Die Antwoord Staring in District 9 Follow-Up, Chappie. And it's Serious.

When the film Chappie opens next year, we'll see a robot learning the ways of the world from Die Antwoord (Ninja & Yo-Landi). This is the South African duo who brought us "I Fink U Freeky" and have been referred to as "a national embarrassment." And it's precisely for these reasons that you should be excited.

The upcoming blockbuster is written and directed by District 9 creator and fellow-South African Neil Blomkamp. It follows Chappie, the first robot with emotions, as he tries to "find his way in the [human] world". This is where Chappie "Enters the Ninja".

Sound crazy? It's perfect. The duo shares the same dangerous perception as the robot and are similarly outcast. And underneath the outrageous surface, there seem to be parallel messages of freedom, expression and perceverence.

“Everyone’s dysfunctional in some way," Yo-Landi said in a 2011 interview with Boing Boing Video, “it takes a while sometimes to just find your essence and find that thing that you’re supposed to do."

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The preview generates a surprising amount of feels, and Die Antwoord will surely inject some amusing Zef to Chappie's step. And who knows, maybe the most eccentric duo in music will teach us all a little something about ourselves.

The film is set to be released March 6th and also stars Hugh Jackman, Sigourney Weaver and Dev Patel.

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