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Diplo Makes Cover Of Fast Company's "Most Productive People Issue"

Diplo Makes Cover Of Fast Company's "Most Productive People Issue"

Diplo has made the cover of Fast Company Dec/Jan Issue dubbed the "Most Productive People" issue. For those of you not familiar with this publication it's definitely worth a read on the regular and is always covering some pretty interesting topics and individuals.

We've worked with Diplo since the Hollertronix days and to see this guy on the cover is truly a testament to how far it's all come. Diplo, A-Trak, and many others are the new entrepreneurs that have defied the odds and carved out a place for this music and done it on their own terms.

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Diplo was halfway to Burning Man when the pilot got lost.

It was just the two of them in a tiny prop plane last summer, on what was ­supposed to be a two-hour hop from Los Angeles to the arts festival in the ­Nevada desert, where the 36-year-old ­music entrepreneur was scheduled to perform. "The pilot was this guy I know—he offered me a ride," Diplo recalls. "This guy is always trying to get me to invest in things, always doing things to try to impress me. But it always goes wrong." This time, it went wrong somewhere above the Sierra Nevada mountains. "The radio communication died, and he couldn't find the landing strip," Diplo says, rolling his eyes. "So he gave me the controls and had me fly the plane—showed me how to turn and stuff—while he tried to fix the radio. After we landed, we had to sit in the airport in the desert for six hours because it turned out he was flying illegally. But we finally ended up getting to the ­festival. I did 10 shows. Debuted a bunch of new material."

It's the story of Diplo's life: Fly high, get lost, and ultimately land in the red-hot center of a pop-cultural moment.

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