Diplo Thin-Shames Taylor Swift, Lorde Penis-Shames Diplo


Diplo Thin Shames Taylor Swift, Lorde Penis Shames Diplo

Diplo Thin Shames Taylor Swift, Lorde Penis Shames Diplo

Oh boy... there's a whole lot of shaming going on around here.  First, EDM's king of twerk  Diplo went on twitter and mounted a not so subtle critique of Taylor Swift's gluteus maximus.

It looks like Diplo inspired a fan to get down to business, as he retweeted the following:

[AdSense-A] This of course got the body shaming club all fired up, with Diplo now getting the Tom Leykus Man Of the Year Award from the female-centric interwebs. Kayleen Schaefer from Yahoo News writes:

"What Diplo did to Swift is sect of body shaming, sometimes called “thin-shaming,” and proof that every woman’s body is policed as aggressively as if we were somehow enlisted in some beauty pageant that never ends"

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Want proof that Diplo was indeed shaming? Well don't worry, Schaefer enlists Lindy West from Jezebel to back her up:

“Thin-shaming and fat-shaming are not separate, opposing issues — they are stratifications of the same issue: Patriarchal culture’s need to demoralize, distract, and pit women against one another. To keep women shackled by shame and hunger. To keep us obsessing over our flaws rather than our power and potential. To get our money

Dang, this just got mad serious yo. But it looks like New Zealand vocalist Lorde added a little levity to the situation, throwing shade on the size of Diplo's genitalia (AKA penis shaming). 

Zing! But wait... HOLD UP! I think we have all been here before?

Booty Shaming


Penis Shaming


The question we will leave with you is, does any body think of the feels?


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