Exclusive Download: “Argon Decibel” by Keenhouse


It has been a little over two years since electronic musician Ken Rangkuty, better known as Keenhouse released his last full length album "Four Dreams".  The German-born, LA based producer's upcoming album "A Future Past" is expected to be released in January and here we feature the lead single "Argon Decibel" as a free exclusive download for a limited time.


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Keenhouse's new sound is a step away from his strictly electronic sound from prior releases. It is a down-tempo excursion into a synthesis of electronic and acoustic instruments as it features a leading cello that is gently complemented by a soft electronic ambiance.  "Argon Decibel" in Keenhouse's own words:

“There are strings and brass sections that I wanted to incorporate for a long time, acoustic instruments that for me can't ever be replaced by any machine or synthesizer. Those classical sounds combined with electronic music can create this sort of juxtaposition, which I like to experiment with”

There is no release date set yet for this exclusive download but it is available here for a limited time.

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