Exclusive Premiere: Urban Cone's "Sadness Disease" (Rise At Night Remix)


Urban Cone's "Sadness Disease" (Rise At Night Remix)

Today we are excited to premiere Urban Cone's "Sadness Disease" (Rise At Night Remix).  Urban Cone is a Swedish quintet composed of Rasmus Flyckt, Emil Gustafsson, Magnus Folkö, Tim Formgren, and Jacob William Sjöberg.  If you're not familiar with their intelligent indie pop sound, you'll at least recognize vocalist Emil Gustafsson voice from Porter Robinson's "Lionhearted", off of the latter's debut Worlds album.

You'll know Rise At Night as the LA based EDM production duo signed to Datsik's Firepower records.  After cutting their teeth in both the electro house and dubstep genres, they are bringing something a little different to the "Sadness Disease" remix, describing the process as follows:

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"When listening to the original song in our studio, we both gravitated immediately to the vocals. We wanted them to shine and not have their emotion get lost in some overly-glitchy or noisy EDM madness. The goal was to take more of a timeless  approach. We reimagined the track by meshing it with what our definition of melodic & inspiring Drum & Bass is. We think the end result has got uplifting vibes, even though the vocals get a bit dark at times. Definitely feel it was a beautiful fit.” – Rise At Night

Check out the exclusive premiere of Urban Cone's "Sadness Disease" (Rise At Night Remix) below. You can purchase the original track here.

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