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Fight Breaks Out During Carnage Show In Tulsa

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Fight Breaks Out During Carnage Show In Tulsa

Last night in Tulsa, OK a major fight broke out during the last stop on Carnage's Parental Advisory Tour.

According to eyewitnesses, Carnage went twenty minutes over his set time, reportedly with venue approval. After he finished his set, he and  some of the other supporting DJs went out into the crowd to greet the fans.

The video below shows the fight:

Statement from the fan who shot the video:

What really happened:After Carnage went over 20 minutes (claiming to pay $10k in fines) for the last concert date of the long Tour. Him and the other DJ’s went up to the crowd to take photos and sign autographs, they were behind the barricade. While I was taking photos noticed one of the DJ’s got taken away as if he was a fan but he was actually part of the tour, the security guy didn’t care (he’s the one holding the taser gun) even though the tour manager told him not to let him go. Anyhow noticed the DJ in the crowd asked him if he was alright. Well I started filming right when Carnage noticed what was going on taking him back and bringing him backstage. Which then one of the security guys flashed his gun and you see what happened in the video.

Paris Blohm, one of the other DJs on the tour, tweeted the following account:

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It is also being reported that Carnage was detained by the police. Earlier accounts that he was fined $10,000 have since been dismissed.

Via: EDM Sauce

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