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Finally! A DJ Who Does Way More Than 'Press Play'

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Finally! A DJ Who Does Way More Than 'Press Play'

If you check with our readers, one of the more common complaints is DJs who just sit there and press play. As the EDM scene evolves, fans are expecting more from a DJ set than just button pushing.  You simply can't get away with that anymore.

It looks like this "DJ" out in Ibiza has found out how to add a little extra to her show,  ushering in a touch of class to her set while proving that she can do so much more than press play.

Don't get it twisted, this is a major production here folks. The amount of detail that went into this performance is insane, from the wardrobe, to the choreography, to the boob job - it's all very well planned and flawlessly executed.

We cannot confirm a this time, but we are hearing that Paul Oakenfold is actually start doing stuff like this in his sets too.  The beauty of evolution...

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