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Free Download: Chris Lake & Chris Lorenzo "Wicked Games" Edit

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Free Download: Chris Lake & Chris Lorenzo "Wicked Games" Edit

The chillout game is out right now. Sizzling hot. There is so much strong music in this and the tropical genres, and neither are showing any signs of slowing down. It's perfect music for the bars and clubs since the festivals have slowed down through the cool months.

Speaking of cooler months, on one rainy day in Birmingham, Chris Lake and Chris Lorenzo met in the studio and produced this edit of "Wicked Games", originally "Wicked Game" by Chris Issac. Once they got a hold of the acapella, they knew they had to build a track around it. Everything was recorded using live instruments and they used no samples except the acapella of course. The result is this “Lush” “vacant but absorbent” edit that is something even your mother could dance too.

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