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Free Download: Krewella Departs From EDM On "Say Goodbye"

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Free Download: Krewella Departs From EDM On "Say Goodbye"

Massive departure?  Well there is definitely something different about this new Krewella sans Rain Man track  (for those of you not hip to all the latest EDM news, Rain Man is no longer part of the group and lawsuits have been filed).  The song is called "Say Goodbye", and it is a bit different from the rest of the Krewella catalog- it leans toward the commercial alt rock genre.

Sure this some electronic influence in there, but for the most part it's pretty much rock n roll. Think KROQ circa 1997-2005.  There's nothing too innovative on this when looking through that lens, but "Say Goodbye" does bring a sound Krewella fans might not be used to.

And they seem to be eating up.  "Say Goodbye" has quickly gained over 100K plays since it's release. Is this the crossover track the Yousef sisters needed to really break into pop music?

The never silent deadmau5 shared his review on twitter:

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As far as the lawsuits go, the groups producer Rain Man (Kris Trindl) is suing vocalists/sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousef for firing him and not sharing the group's earnings. The Yousef sisters have counter-sued, saying that Trindl's alcoholism caused him to get fired, and that other producers had to be brought in to finish the groups debut album Get Wet.

No word on a new album without Rain Man yet, but we're certain we'll see one in the near future.  You can download Krewella "Say Goodbye" off of the embed above.

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