SOL REPUBLIC Punk Wireless Speaker Review


Gear – SOL REPUBLIC Punk Wireless Speaker Review

Gear – SOL REPUBLIC Punk Wireless Speaker Review

SOL Republic's new Punk portable Bluetooth speaker is the latest edition to their expanding wireless speaker line (we have confirmation there are some new models getting ready to make their debut soon). This is a downsize from the Deck model but what it lacks in size it makes up for in sound. To be fair this is a speaker that’s a little bigger than a bar of lady soap, so taking that into consideration we took it out to the beach for test run.

MSRP: $69.99
Color Options: Turqoise/Blue, Red and Black
Carrying Case: No
Weather Proof: Yes (The Punk can handle the elements, but within reason)

How Does It Look?

The Punk is a slick little square that can easily slide into a bigger pants pocket or purse for easy transport. In our case, it was a beach bag. Nice rounded corners make it feel great in your hand and covered enclosures keep the water/sand/dust out of your important connection points (Mini USB, Input Jacks, etc.)

All in all we like the design and found it easy to port around wherever we were going. Our favorite color is the semi psychedelic blue, but maybe that’s just because we saw the Nervo girls holding that one… hmmmm.

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Ultimately you won’t feel like a tech tool pulling this guy out into the open, you might even be able to use it as a pick-up prop. In fact it worked almost as well as a puppy, which is pretty legit.


How Does It Sound?

Ah, the sound, which is kind of the important bit we like to think. As with any small speaker there are going to be issues with the bass output. You are not going to be able to bump the new Skrillex tune and hear the bass vibrate your face off, but would you really expect it to?

The Punk get’s a little louder than other speakers its size and delivers some pretty clear sound, even when it’s pushed up to almost max volume. The key to success is really not to listen to music that requires a lot of low end, we were listening to mostly chill out music, folk/indie and a bit of deep house that all sounded nice when within close proximity to the speaker.

Should I Buy It?

If you are someone that is always on the go and want to enjoy your music with out headphones, the Punk is a good choice. It’s small enough to pack away easily, it’s loud enough to enjoy your tunes (even over the sound of waves), it can resist the elements, it will mostly out last you energy wise (8 hrs) and is priced really well at $69.99.

The only bummer for some people might be the lack of low end sound and no external microphone that would allow you to use it for phone calls.

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