Guest DJ Chart: Feenixpawl Share Their Top EDM Tracks For November


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Guest DJ Chart: Feenixpawl Share Their Top 10 EDM Tracks For November

Melbourne EDM DJ Duo Feenixpawl (Aden Forte and Josh Soon) first stepped on the scene in 2003. In 2005, they found big success in their bootleg remix of All Saints' "Pure Shores". It's been non-stop for the duo ever since, seeing them play major festivals and clubs all around the world. They've had a slew of release on both independent and major labels, and show no signs of slowing down.

Exclusively for Magnetic this month, Feenixpawl has put together a chart of their top 10 songs. Take a listen:

Feenixpawl & Disfunktion – Fuse - We were working on an idea with the Disfunktion guys for about a year before anything really came of it. They sent us an idea and we went back and forth with them for a long time trying to get something big. In the end, the end product was a track that was full of so much energy and was different to a lot of the music we were putting out, which is something we wanted to explore.

Hook n Sling - Momentum – First time we heard this, we ran to the Dj booth to find out what it was because it was so different. Luckily, it was Hook N Sling who was playing and was nice enough to give us an advanced promo. Big tune.

Kryder & Tom Staar – Jericho – Size Records has been teasing this track for months now and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it. It’s a groovy, big house track that goes bananas at festivals and in clubs.

Tommy Trash & Wax Motif – Hex – These two aussies never put a foot wrong. This is a straight up club track with an amazing melody. This track goes off, even before people knew what it was.

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Tom Swoon, Paris & Simo – Wait - This tune has a really beautiful vocal that is memorable from the first time you hear it, with an extremely uplift instrumental which is what we love.

Dubvision & Feenixpawl – Destination - We were lucky enough to work with these dutch legends in making this track, which came out last month on Axwell’s ‘Axtone Records’. It’s true to our style; unique vocal with a euphoric melodic instrumental.

Stefano Pain & Manuel Costa
– La Revolution – Soon to be released on Kryder’s ‘Sosumi Records’, this tune is a big, rolling house masterpiece that is perfect in our sets to keep the energy going. Often when you play a big vocal record, some of the energy can be sucked out of the room because there really isn’t anywhere to go from there other than to go ‘bigger’ or right back down and start to build the energy again. A track like ‘La Revolution allows us to keep the energy high and keep people moving!

Axwell Ingrosso – Can’t Hold Us Down – They’ve been playing this track in their sets for a long time now and everyone seems to explode when it comes on. It has its roots in some of the old Swedish House Mafia tunes like ‘Greyhound’, but with a new twist on it. It’s an extremely epic club track that changes bpm half way through which really picks up the energy. Only Axwell Ingrosso would have the balls to do that!

Dubvision – Turn it Around – I think it’s safe to say that Dubvision are the kings of melodic, progressive house right now. This track is full of so much emotion and power. It’s really hard not to be immediately uplifted when first hearing this track. To us, this is what dance music is.

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