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"Hard Pounding Techno Music" & "High Crime" - Here Is The FBI's Definition Of A Rave

"Hard Pounding Techno Music" - Here Is The FBI's Definition Of A Rave


Image Credit: Elite Daily

The FBI's Definition Of A Rave

It's always funny when someone from outside of EDM culture tries to define what the scene is about with even remotely trying to live it (or know it at least).

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We have one of these examples here, coming straight from the Federal Bureau Of Investigation's website.   It comes from their Scam/Safety section as sort of PSA on what "raves" are all about.

The intro paragraph tells you right away what direction this is going, and the chuckles, sighs, and "oh wells" continue all the way through.

Raves” are high energy, all-night dances that feature hard pounding techno-music and flashing laser lights. Raves are found in most metropolitan areas and, increasingly, in rural areas throughout the country. The parties are held in permanent dance clubs, abandoned warehouses, open fields, or empty buildings.

Raves are frequently advertised as “alcohol free” parties with hired security personnel. Internet sites often advertise these events as “safe” and “drug free.” However, they are dangerously over crowded parties where your child can be exposed to rampant drug use and a high-crime environment. Numerous overdoses are documented at these events.

Raves are one of the most popular venues where club drugs are distributed. Club drugs include MDMA (more commonly known as “Ecstasy”), GHB and Rohypnol (also known as the “date rape” drugs), Ketamine, Methamphetamine (also known as “Meth”), and LSD.

Because some club drugs are colorless, odorless, and tasteless, they can be added without detection to beverages by individuals who want to intoxicate or sedate others in order to commit sexual assaults.

Rave promoters capitalize on the effects of club drugs. Bottled water and sports drinks are sold at Raves, often at inflated prices, to manage hyperthermia and dehydration. Also found are pacifiers to prevent involuntary teeth clenching, menthol nasal inhalers, surgical masks, chemical lights, and neon glow sticks to increase sensory perception and enhance the Rave experience.

Cool down rooms are provided, usually at a cost, as a place to cool off due to increased body temperature of the drug user.

Don’t risk your child’s health and safety. Ask questions about where he or she is going and see it for yourself.

Via: FBI & StoneyRoads

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