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In1case Review - 10 Ways This Phone Case Can Save Your Ass At A Festival

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In1case Review - 10 Ways This Phone Case Can Save Your Ass At A Festival

iPhone Case Review – 10 Ways The In1case Can Save Your Ass At A Festival

We all have gone through the dilemma of what case we are going to get for our iPhone/Android. Is it going to be thin and sleek? Is it going to have a stand? Is it going to match your fashion sense? All these things are great, but what if you could have them all in one case and then some, and we really mean THEN some.

Let us introduce you to the In1case for iPhone 5/5s & Galaxy phones. It’s sleek, stylish, has a kick-stand and 9 other functions that could save your ass. Of course it’s the first thing we think about, how can it save our ass at a festival or a club. It’s kind of like a Swiss Army knife but it’s actually TSA compliant!

Here are the features and how we think they would help you:

Blue Pen

Let’s say you meet some hippy chick/guy who you are totally enamored with but they don’t believe in cell phones? Use the pen to write down your number, address, birth sign, spirit animal, etc.

Red Pen

Use in case the Blue Pen runs out or to write a nasty note to that hippy that doesn’t believe in cell phones. Nothing says you suck like a red pen.

Polycarbonate Casing

This is kind of a no brainer, it’s tough and light so if you drop your phone after one too many it won’t break.

Phillips Screwdriver

Your friends sunglasses start getting loose, you just so happen to have a very small screwdriver to tighten them.

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Flat-Head Screwdriver

The irritating tall guy that keeps on stepping in front of you so you can’t see the stage. Jab him ever so slightly so he thinks he is being bitten by a larger insect and leaves.


You’re tired after all that walking around, why don’t you lay in the grass and watch some Hulu. Kickstand up, time to relax and watch some Family Guy.


Nail File

You are bored waiting for Air or some other French band to take the stage so you why not bust out a quick manicure. Wow, did you just handle that grubby set of claws or what?


Splinters? Bee Stings? Really anything small that gets jammed somewhere and needs to get pulled out.


All those super annoying VIP bracelets and entry wristbands are gone with two snips, no more awkward tearing face. You know that face you make when you are trying to tear off your party pride… a kind of squinty determined psycho blinky face, well no mas senorita.


You went for the BBQ at the food tent, and now you need to sort yourself out stat as no girl/guy wants to talk to a yuck mouth. I’m not going to get nasty here, you know what you have to do.

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