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Ladies, Kill Frenzy is Coming for Your Panties All Night Long... [Interview]

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Ladies, there are two ways you could prepare for this 'Taylr Swift' album that has been unleashed on the world... You can either get with it and take them panties off, or run in the other direction hoping against all odds, but I have a feeling no matter what you do, Kill Frenzy is ensuring you got no panties on.

You all know dirtybird is the label that knows how to party with style. They bring the heat, they turn it up, and they deliver only the finest good vibes ghetto house music has to offer. The latest release on dirtybird from established member Kill Frenzy is one that is coming in hot at the end of the year. 'Taylr Swift' is definitely a contender for one of the better albums of 2014, and it's definitively Kill Frenzy with fun, whimsy, and nothing but high quality music that is going to get all the beautiful booties shaking.

Fortune favors the bold, and for whatever reason fortune favored us, and we tossed some questions at Kill Frenzy, and here are the answers with a bit of sass that he tossed back.

Oh, and we highly advice you pair your interview reading with this full album playlist! Don't forget to check the All Night Long music video too!

First things first, will Taylor Swift be a fan of Taylr Swift?

I hope so. I heard she drives around with no panties all day.

How does it feel to finally unleash your debut album on the world?

It's unreal. To be on dirtybird was a dream come true and now to release an album on it is just mindblowing for me. I'm happy its out! It's not mine anymore, now it's out there.

(Author's Note: the Hermione line gets me everytime, bravo!)

So the title is rather playful, can you explain the album title?

I wanted something pure.

When I’ve spoken to all the dirtybirds recently, they all were going crazy and saying nothing but great things about your album. What do you personally think of the album so far?

I'm happy with the way it came together and in the way that I wanted to do it. I hope I was able to create something new with old school influences. I feel this album is a representation of my dj sets. I will play around with some different things in a set and I feel this album goes along that path as well showing different influences.

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What are some of your favorite tracks on the album?

Well, of course I have a warped view on my own tracks because I listened to them so much and I made them haha but my fav is All Night Long. That's why I chose that one as the main track.

What would you say is the ideal location, situation or context that your fans should listen to your album Taylr Swift?

Behind a window with red lights.

Can you describe Kill Frenzy in ten words or less?

On Taylr Swift, the Kill Frenzy style and sound comes across as stronger than ever. Where would you like to go from here?

I am experimenting with some different things at the moment. But if you look at my history I always try to simplify my tracks and use less to create more. So I am heading into that direction even more; a more minimalistic approach. I'm obsessed with songs that do nothing for 7 minutes but yet have such a strong groove.

What are your influences or inspirations?
Ghetto house is a huge influence for me in everything I make and also a lot of old techno and minimal records inspire me a lot. The structure and sounds they use are so interesting.

How many panties do you think will be thrown at you at shows going forward? Are you ready for that?

Haha, I didn't even think of that.

What are your words of wisdom for asipring artists?

Have fun and do things that you wouldn't normally do, you might stumble upon something.

Any final thoughts?"

I love dirtybird! Also I am thinking of making some breakfast but I also don't want to get up. I'll finish this interview and do it.

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