Lifestyle Spotlight: 5 Must Have Apps For The Single Dude



Lifestyle Spotlight: 5 Must Have Apps For The Single Dude

If you are like most guys your age (20 something) you are probably single, a bit green on domestic skills and well…, loving it. College is at your back and pure unadulterated freedom is in front of you. This is a pretty good feeling (unless you are in Law School) but sometimes you need a little help from your friends, and when we say friends, we mean apps not your bonehead buddies.

So aside from the standard social media portals what are some of the essential apps for the modern single dude? We have picked a few out that we think are pretty essential from finding great suds to burning the calories off caused from consuming those great suds.

2015 Good Beer Guide

And of course what better place to start than the local bar or dive bar if you are “that guy.” But not just any beer hall will cut it; we are talking those that serve up the best beers around. The Good Beer Guide has been the bachelor’s bible for many years and it’s made its way onto mobile delighting us with info on the best beers, breweries and beer halls across the country. You can search from your location so it’s never been easier to find get yourself to the bar and kick-start your night.

Lifestyle Spotlight: 5 Must Have Apps For The Single Dude


But of course nobody wants a beer gut, what right-minded lady would want to cuddle with a man full with last night’s Stella? The Nike+ app will have you out and about, keeping fit with encouragement from the likes of Paula Radcliffe and Sanya Richards-Ross, whilst ‘Power Songs’ will drive you that little bit further to beat your PB. You can record all your stats so you know what to beat. Just get on that Rocky soundtrack, get your hood up and find some steps to climb.

Lifestyle Spotlight: 5 Must Have Apps For The Single Dude

Full Tilt Poker

Bond, Steve McQueen, Steve Aoki, all synonymous with the green velvet, and you can get that little bit closer to them with the Full Tilt mobile app. Is there anything sexier than a man in tux, sipping whiskey, and bluffing his way to victory? Whilst the Full Tilt app won’t drop you in the Bellagio, you can at least pretend with a range of great games ranging from the fast-paced Rush poker to Omaha and tournament offerings. The app is the ultimate gaming app for the more sophisticated bachelor, and one perfect for enjoying some downtime.

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Lifestyle Spotlight: 5 Must Have Apps For The Single Dude


This one is kind of the keystone of the Bachelor lifestyle, dare we say a must unless you look like Brad Pitt. Tinder? It’s a match! It’s the app that’s given many a horny dude thumb cramps, and is still the king of the dating when it comes to mobile. You can stretch your pool far and wide meeting singles of all ages (legal) from across the nation. And who knows, you could be loading up that Good Beer Guide, head down to a bar and have a night that will make you glad you swiped right. Or quite possibly rue it. Here’s to you Tinderella!

Lifestyle Spotlight: 5 Must Have Apps For The Single Dude

Stanley Spirit Level

Is there anything more manly than fixing things around the house? It’s almost like barbequing. Boosting those man points. But get it wrong and you’re in for a whole heap of embarrassment. Your manhood questioned.

The Stanley Spirit Level is a handy little app that will keep your evolving handy work looking somewhat respectable. Your shelves will be straight, your gate will swing without scraping against the patio, and you my friend, will be on your way to becoming a DIY expert.

Lifestyle Spotlight: 5 Must Have Apps For The Single Dude

How To Cook Everything

Every modern man fancies himself in the kitchen, and if you’ve got the How To Cook Everything app with good reason too. No more pretending to cook and ordering takeout, though if you’re that lazy – Just Eat. But if you’re a sophisticated modern gent, who has facial hair and doesn’t like pop music because it’s too mainstream – which let’s face it will all pretend to be, then donning an apron and whipping out the quinoa is certainly for you.

Whether you’re dining a good lady, or perfecting a hot and spicy chilli for a night in with your pals you really can’t go wrong. Based on the bestselling cookbook by New York Times columnist Mark Bittman, the detailed app has over 2,000 recipes and 400 how-to illustrations that’ll keep you cooking up something new well into your middle-ages.

May your bandwidth be strong and your appetite for life abundant. App it up and good luck out there buddy.

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