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Listen To Music From Aphex Twin's Six Year Old Son

Listen To Music From Aphex Twin's Six Year Old Son

Does musical talent come via genetics? Well, that is exactly what we are wondering after we read that Richard D. James' (aka Aphex Twin) six year old son is making beats.

The news came from an interview Aphex recently gave to noyzelab where he said:

My 8 yr old is already asking for a machine controller for xmas and the 6yr old wants a 3d printer. I never could've never imagined id be hanging out with sons making tunes together! My youngest asked me, dad what software do you use, ha and i wasn't really listening to him and i said oh try re-noise, he then got a crack, downloaded and made some tracks, i never told him anything, he created a band camp page, artist name etc all on his own! he's 6 now but would be pretty top to release and album of electronic music when your age 6! maybe ill get warp to release it."

You can take a listen to the tracks below. Sure they might not be polished just yet, but hey, were you taking a stab at music composition at age 6? And you never know, we might be watching genius develop!

PS- It sounds better than 90% of that big room stuff coming out these days... just sayin'

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