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LoveMade: Style Shots Straight From Hawaii

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LoveMade: Style Shots Straight From Hawaii

Fashion and music, music and fashion.  While seemingly separate entities, they often go hand in hand.  Those that are on the cutting edge of music are usually pretty close to forefront of fashion, and vice versa.

We’ve teamed up with the staff over at LoveMade to bring a more style content to Magnetic, highlighting the fashionistas gracing your local metropolis.  They are looking for the gals who know how to put outfits together. Whether brand loyal or a free spirit, they are always loyal to style.

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Shown above is Ara Feducia of @fluxhawaii. She is sporting a Love Made top, Barrio vintage skirt, Jeffrey Campbell shoes and a Ne-net bag.

Style shots by @tammylovemade of @lovemade

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