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Magnetic Magazine Guest Podcast: Reverse Commuter

Reverse Commuter

You are in for a mystical adventure, let's just get that out there first. Up next on Magnetic Magazine's Guest Podcast series we have Reverse Commuter (one of artist Kenneth James Gibson's many projects). He has brought to us a mix of songs from his latest album 'Exposure', which has just released. Now, this mix is one that will take you to far away places and beyond. Not bound by genre, not bound by even sound necessarily, but a successful pursuit of amazing sonic atmospheric exploration; that's what this mix is all about.

Beware, there be monsters on this journey. Reverse Commuter seeks to fully explore a world, not just sugar coat it. From deep house to electronica to techno influenced songs and selections, Reverse Commuter meanders whimsically and effectively through them all. The production talent is top notch, as is expected, and you really just need to take a listen. Let Reverse Commuter take you somewhere, you won't regret it.

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Magnetic Magazine Guest Podcast: Reverse Commuter by Magnetic Magazine on Mixcloud

Buy 'Exposure' today over at Beatport!

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