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Mathematician Discovers Why All Hipsters Look The Same

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Mathematician Discovers Why All Hipsters Look The Same

It's one of the great mysteries of the universe - why, in their effort to be different, do all hipsters end up looking the same. We've all wondered why this is, but until now, we've never had concrete evidence explaining the phenomenon.

But now we do as Jonathan Touboul, a mathematical neuroscientist in Paris, has began dissecting what we often call "hipster syndrome" with actual formulas and numbers. What he found makes some real sense. He says:

“If you take large sets of interacting individuals—whether hipsters, stock traders or any group that decides to go against the majority—by trying to be different, they will ultimately all do the same thing at the same time. The reason for that is the time it takes for an individual to register the decisions of others. You cannot be aware of what other people decide in real time, it takes a little while.”

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So in essence, it is pretty much impossible to be on the crux of new trends. The reason why is essentially that other people are probably deciding something is "cool" at the same time as you, but it is impossible for you to know that.

Therefore, using hipster logic, if something becomes uncool as soon as someone besides you deems it as cool, it's pretty much uncool right away, as you never can know what other people are deciding is cool at this very moment.

Bring on the hipster fatigue...

Via: Vocativ

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