Med School at The Colombian (Corsica Studios) London


Hospital Records, founded by Tony Colman (alter ego London Elektricity), is a well-established pillar of the drum and bass community. Since 2006, their sister label, Med School has made ripples by introducing fresh names and faces to the scene who bridge the gap between drum and bass, drumstep, jungle and breakbeat genres. Following a sold out event in May earlier this year, they returned to the same venue this Friday to a mixed crowd which spanned both the suit clad and the merchandise attired.

Corsica Studios' intimate vibe is similar to that of attending a rave in someone’s living room - someone’s dingy, warehouse-centric, damp and dripping, living room – but then again, you’re not exactly there to watch Coronation Street. The event was again a sell out and, despite the somewhat confusing signage and mugging friendly location of the venue, it seemed like everyone who signed up had made their way there for the good time that was delivered.


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Tae Limb and newcomer Anile both did a sweet job in warming the crowd as they trickled in. Anile’s debut EP was out this week so this embracive audience was an ideal launch opportunity. Then, Blu Mar Ten - it is with disgust that I admit to having never heard of them, or their music, in the lead up to this event. Never again will I be so sloppy on the research efforts­­. Their set was bursting with energy and filth in equal measures and left and right, faces were twisting simultaneously in expressions of absolute… enjoyment. Yeah, let’s call it enjoyment.

By the time Etherwood took control, the crowd had sandwiched themselves at the front and I had filtered to the back of the room; where the tired and the really, really, not tired gathered to either take a breather or spread out with their fancy footwork. Etherwood produces beautiful, beautiful music and it was him, and newcomer Keeno, who I believe were the motivation for many to venture from their central heated hovels. As a fan of throwing myself around until collapse at this sort of thing, I do blame Etherwood for pushing me over the energy levels ledge and I regrettably left before Keeno had taken up residence. However, from my experience at Hospital’s 18th Birthday set, I feel I can safely vouch for the quality of his tracks and charisma with a crowd. At only 20, he is drumming up incredible amounts of rightly earned respect.

Props also go to Ruthless MC who did himself proud as sole spitter throughout the night. He had great energy, brilliant style and I didn’t want to punch him in the throat then gag him with the set times poster even once - a massive credit to his skill and stamina. London Elektricity was in attendance and relieved from his duties as man on the decks for a night. He was in full father figure mode; one supervisory eye cast over his patrons, and appearing to be appreciating a bloody good time.

Overall, you have to admire this crowd’s dedication to the music they love. I witnessed one bloke, at an earlier point, who had managed to essentially sit in a speaker. I’m all but clinically deaf today so I’m unsure how he is faring - but I do understand his motivations. The intimate space was more bonus than hassle and the close proximity of the producers to their fan base resulted in a different vibe entirely. If you can enjoy a Med School set on these terms, definitely take the opportunity, as I’m certain they won’t be this small scale for much longer. No fancy lighting, no gobby MC telling you to get down low…just fantastic bass laced tracks, played out with skill and energy, by down to earth producers who appear to actually give a shit. To a proper crowd who definitely give a shit in return.

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