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Why You Need To See Nils Frahm Next Time He’s In Town

Why You Need To See Nils Frahm Next Time He’s In Town

Why You Need To See Nils Frahm Next Time He’s In Town

Many of you probably haven’t heard of Nils Frahm yet, but trust me you probably will soon. He’s an artist that blends solo piano and electronics to create a truly layered sound that lives somewhere between a film score and Brian Eno’s early work, even some dubby bits when he’s in the mood.

We are constantly thinking of electronic music as EDM, when not all electronic music is made to dance to. We here at Magnetic tried to coin the phrase ELM just to make a point but couldn’t really get it to stick, but Electronic Listening Music is out there and it’s great. It can be incredibly moving and powerful much like any singer songwriter, and Nils Frahm is a shining example of this.

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His performance is simple, he sits facing two pianos, a bank of keyboards and analog synthesizers outlined in sparse lighting, that’s it. He takes off one shoe (for performance reasons), throws some funny German jokes/observations and then proceeds to bring you to tears in three songs or less.

Unlike many electronic music artists Nils Frahm doesn’t bring you in to make you forget about your troubles, he brings you in to make you feel human again. You cannot help but to become painfully self aware as the notes whisper something to you completely personal, as if they know what you need to feel at that exact moment.

Frahm truly had his audience captivated during his performance last week at the El Rey in Los Angeles. There were moments where I would glance over and see tears streaking down peoples faces as they just stared into the lights.

Some moments so quiet and intense that you could hear the bar staff in the back clanking the glasses and it sounded like an avalanche was falling into the show itself.

So if you are looking for some music that will make you feel completely present and completely vulnerable, this is a show worth every penny.

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