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So The New Album From Knife Party 'Abandon Ship' Just Leaked


So The New Album From Knife Party 'Abandon Ship' Just Leaked

Taking a page from the Daft Punk and Kanye West School of Music Marketing, it looks like the new album from Knife PartyAbandon Ship has just leaked on iTunes.

Why music marketing you ask?  Well see if there is a lot of anticipation for an album, people are constantly searching for leaks on the interwebs.  If there is an unauthorized leak, that can tank your album sales.  On the flip, these leaks make news so there is some benefit.

So why not orchestrate the leak so that not only do you get the album sales, but also all the free press that comes a long with it?   And if something leaks on iTunes, you're still getting paid, and you know all the blogs are going to cover it anyway for  hits.  Get what I'm putting down here?

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And if you leak it on iTunes, that means it probably isn't on Spotify- which we hear is actually charging artists now instead of paying them.  I kid.

So anyway, I'm not saying this is what happened because Illuminati, but I'm just saying this could have been what happened.  Maybe the Skrillex "leak" earlier this week was a test? hmmmm....

Anyway, so what you really care about is that the "leaked" version of Knife Party - Abandon Ship - is now available for purchase on iTunes. 12 tracks available via Earstorm Records.

Remember, this is a leak, so this is completely unauthorized... iTunes get it together...Geeze! Imagine if back in the day Tower Records would have put 2Pac's All Eyes On Me out on the shelves two weeks before it was supposed to go on sale? Completely irresponsible!

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