New Electronic Music: Top Techno [Week #43]


The dark of winter approaches, but not all hope is lost. We have fierce techno to take the edge off winter's impending cold! Our Top Techno chart this week is full of innovative techno that is best enjoyed at night! So the days may grow shorter, but that just means your underground parties can go longer! Producers with attitude, producers without fear, producers with more talent than they themselves know what to do with, that's what we have in this week's selections. It's got a lot of fun, a lot of genre benders, so it might not be pure techno, but it's all techno from artists you should know and pay attention to. Now, press on, let the top techno begin, and follow as these special few push into the future and explore uncharted techno territory.

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1. “Blowin Minds (Alex Sibley & Ben Seagren)” Chus & Ceballos, Oscar De Rivera, Stereo Productions
Blowin minds and being super cool in kind, the frequent remix collab duo of Alex Sibley & Ben Seagren do it again. The chill techno vibes are very alive, and the groove is oh so very strong.

2. “Bugatti (Eats Everything Cortina Version)” Tiga, Turbo Recordings
Tiga was tweeting up a storm his excitement for the Bugatti remixes, and his excitement was well founded. Absolutely love this remix from the rave god Eats Everything! Here is the amazing music video that Tiga just released of the original!

3. “Gold Teeth” Redlight
Sexy female vocals with attitude, yes please! Gold Teeth is going to take a bite out of any bad times you're having, this tune gets up and gets down!

4. “Ghetto Giants (The Hacker Remix)” Chambray, Ultramajic
This song right here is techno. It's got personality, it's forward thinking, it's strong and not afraid to play around. The Hacker is a god living in our time, so we had to feature this remix, it's a civic duty to share this goodness.

5. “3two5 (Kiwi Remix)” Bonar Bradberry, Needwant
Fun bouncing, bouncing fun, however you want to phrase it this Kiwi remix bounces all over the damn town!

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6. “Richie Hawtin Fascinated Me In Moonpark” Ladies on Mars, Boom Zwapp Records
Richie Hawtin fascinates me everywhere, so... Ladies on Mars you've got a futuristic aesthetic I definitely can fall in love with.

7. “Winter Linn” clark, Warp
I need to hear this song live. I can see it absolutely bending reality and driving any crowd into a frenzy. It undulates like the waves at sea, calm before a raging storm. Clark is a master, and his latest album is making tsunami waves, so get ahead of them, start paddling them, and ride the Clark gnar well into the shore.

8. “Isgud Session (dedicated to Mayte” Pig&Dan
We slipped a mix in here for ya, from the genre defiant, but techno qualified Pig&Dan!

9. “Chains and Shackles” Ten Walls
An innovative master that's not easy to qualify as anything other than Amazing, Ten Walls delivers true to the nature of his talent with Chains and Shackles. Dark techno with an in your face edge, don't annoy this song, it'll rip your face off.

10. “Sympathetic” Sub Washer, Elastic Beatz Records
Solid techno roller that's all about a groove, and this is a groove that won't let go.

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