New Future Bass Songs 2014 — Week 42

Now that the weather is cooling down, everyone is looking for a way to keep warm. Fortunately, I’ve collected some of the hottest tracks on soundcloud for this week’s new future bass songs that should save you some money on your heating bill (*zing*). This week’s chart features a smooth, suave rework of Drake’s “6 God”, a fire Kaytranada x Mr. Carmack mashup, and Truth’s low frequency remix of The Weeknd’s “Rolling Stone”.

New Future Bass Songs 2014

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1. 6 God (Gravez VIP) (feat. Chris McClenney & Drewsthatdude), Drake
Gravez “6 God” remix gets a smooth and sexy VIP treatment a la soulection courtesy of Chris McClenney and Drewsthatdude.

2. The Ritzy, Mele
Experimental heat from UK bass producer Mele. Feels like traveling on a never ending elevator.

3. The Messenger, TroyBoi
TroyBoi’s “The Messenger” feels like a glitched out journey through hip-hop cyberspace. Buckle your seatbelt.

4. Revolution (KRNE remix), Diplo
KRNE takes the tempo down a notch to create a soulful, future bass counterpart to Diplo’s “Revolution”.

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5. Rolling Stone (Truth Remix), The Weeknd
Truth creates a lush, vibrating soundscape to play out beneath The Weeknd’s sweet serenade. One of my personal favorites in this week’s new future bass songs.

6. I1 (Kaytranada X Carmack), Sango
What do you get when you combine Kaytranada and Carmack with a dash of Gucci Mane? Pure, unadulterated fire. Hats off to Sango for this one.

7. Palette, Tielsie
Not even sure what genre to call this. The track is very characteristic of other PC Music releases, beginning with a fast paced build up to intense trance-like synth stabs which fuel this high octane piece.

8. Pluto!, Pusher
Future bass fire from the neon knight, Pusher.

9. Hot N%gga (Blockhead Remix), Bobby Shmurda
Blockhead transforms Bobby Shmurda’s party anthem into a more pensive tune which seems to lament the difficulties of hood life.

10. Shoulder Lick (The OriGinALz & Doshy Remix), DJ Pound
Psychedelic bass music at its finest courtesy of Doshy and The OriGinALz.

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