New Future Bass Songs 2014 — Week 49

New Future Bass Songs 2014 — Week 43

I’ve been sick with a nasty cold for about a week now, which I blame mostly on the onset of cold weather. Fortunately for you, this means I’ve had nothing to do but dig through Soundcloud to find the best aural medicine to soothe whatever might be ailing you. The new future bass songs this week include tracks from Australian duo Slumberjack, Kaytranada and Pomo, and everyone’s favorite mystery producer UZ.

1. Don’t Say feat. Tyga (Beshken Remix), Liz
More soothing than a cough drop, Beshken’s music always makes me feel better. This one moves from a sexy R&B track to a more bouncy vibe towards the end.

2. Straight Up (Drum Legion’s ’92 Rubdown), Drum Legion
Throwback right here, reminiscent of Zomby’s quintessential album ‘Where Were U In ’92’ with a more modern sound.

3. Baeby, Jameston Thieves
Future bass fire from Jameston Thieves with a dash of jersey club. Out now on Solstice Records.

4. The Others feat. KLP, Slumberjack
If you haven’t heard of Slumberjack, I highly recommend checking out their debut self-titled EP. It covers a wide variety of forward thinking dance music styles ranging from future bass, to twerk/trap hybrids. This one sounds a little like Flume but with some extra energy. I couldn't leave this one off this week's new future bass songs.

5. Doo Wop (Mikos Da Gawd Remix), Lauryn Hill
Mikos Da Gawd coming correct with this remix of Lauryn Hill’s classic tune “Doo Wop”. Very soothing right here, almost forgot I was sick for a minute.

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6. Golden Tears, Dirty Chocolate
This “All Gold Everything” rework is a much more somber take on Trinidad James’ hip-hop anthem. Goes perfectly with NyQuil since it’s smooth like syrup.

7. Cherry Funk Ft. Kaytranada, Pomo
Two of HW&W’s finest on the same super funky track. I can dig it.

8. Sugar (UZ Remix), Five Knives
Haven’t heard anything from UZ in a while, but he’s back with this massive remix which is surprisingly complex considering his usual minimalistic production style.

9. Exhale…, Atenrays
I hate to overuse Carmack as an adjective to describe music, but this screams Carmack. The percussion, the vocal sample, and intro/outro are all classic Mr.Carmack.

10. More Than Friends, Machinedrum
Machinedrum is finally bringing his concept project ‘Vapor City’ to a close with the project’s final release ‘Vapor City: Archives’. “More Than Friends” is just a taste of what the album has to offer with Machinedrum’s signature drum work blended with light, airy vocals.

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