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Mark Knight - Photo by Styler Greene

I need to #RESET. Toolroom Records threw a major party at Avalon Hollywood this past Saturday and I’m still trying to get my wits about me. So, my apologies for the delayed review, but here it is.

Toolroom Records kicked off their new #RESET movement with an all night party that featured Mark Knight, Amtrac and Weiss. The movement is part of a refined identity for the label that is looking to lead the way for the future of house music. Needless to say, there was a lot of hype to live up to.

The one thing that stood out above all else was the emphasis on unity. From production value to camaraderie. Mark Knight recently noted how important he believes unity is for the future growth of the label and it showed.

Each of the three Toolroom artists were stylized in similar fashion for their individual set. All three were low-lit by a solid color as various lights danced around them. Weiss was first up and cast in red, Amtrac followed suit, and Mark Knight settled in around 2am draped in Toolroom turquoise (and occasionally red as well). The video panels displayed similar effects with the new, minimal Toolroom design for all three artists.



Weiss - Photo by Styler Greene



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Amtrac - Photo by Styler Greene

Musically, house purists were right at home. Weiss delivered a consistent and deep energy, working from a methodical and precise angle. His strong, clean and controlled appearance was everything you’d expect from the former studio engineer. Amtrac was a bit more rambunctious, gearing up the crowd and mixing in the widest array of genres which included the Beastie Boys. Then there was the legend, Mark Knight. He was absolutely living it up out there. Build after build he generated a masterful amount of suspense and tension.

The three created a seemingly endless amount of energy and kept the audience grooving well into Sunday. Knight was clapping and dancing right along with the packed crowd and even stood up above his decks momentarily at 5am before continuing on with the party.

Each artist was unique, but they all really seemed to compliment each other as part of a whole. Knight could even be seen hugging it out with Weiss and Amtrac during his restless set which emphasized a strong bond between the artists.

There's been a lot of hype coming out of Toolroom lately with the new look, Toolroom Live mix and now this launch party. So it's not hard to get the sense that a house music dynasty might be forming. Mark Knight might have lived up to his words when he said "it's possible to create credible music that makes people want to party”. After all, I’m still catching up on rest. And if electronic music needed a reset, this might have been it.

Next up for Toolroom Records is the European #RESET party at Fire London November 29th.



Mark Knight - Photo by Skyler Greene

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