Porter Robinson: "I made a SoundCloud account just to follow every single EDM top 100 DJ"


Porter Robinson

Although Porter Robinson made a departure from electro house in an effort to make music that is "supposed to be pretty", it looks like he is still keeping close tabs on EDM culture.

In a recent interview with inthemix, Porter said:

I definitely try to stay aware of the broader trends of music. I’ve been on this weird kick recently where I made a SoundCloud account just to follow every single EDM top 100 DJ… Once I finish browsing Reddit and I come to the bottom of Tumblr and I’m not interested anymore then I open up this second SoundCloud account and I’m, like, ‘let me just listen to a bunch of the stuff that everyone is putting out today’

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He then goes on to dig in a bit on all the EDM DJs for "jumping ship" on what we assume to be the big room, electro house sound:

“And that’s where I’m seeing this trend of a lot of these [top 100] guys jumping ship and trying to make pseudo deep house inspired stuff… I get the sense that that stuff is making a lot of Dutch DJs a little bit nervous. It’s like a soap opera. That sounds so bad, but it’s fun for me to see what people are doing. I listen to basically everything that comes out.”

As the genre is facing more criticism for a lack of innovation, many of the more traditionally big room electro house DJs are exploring new sounds, often with more "deep" influences. Some have dubbed these new sounds as "future house".

Porter Robinson is scheduled to make a keynote address at the Electronic Music Conference in Sydney Australia this December. Steve Aoki is also scheduled to speak.

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Source: inthemix

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