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Premiere: "Pieces of You (Head Like a Kite Remix)" Jupe Jupe


Premiere: "Pieces of You (Head Like a Kite Remix)" Jupe Jupe

Magnetic Magazine is pleased to present to you the premiere of Head Like a Kite's remix of Jupe Jupe's "Pieces of You." This remix is challenging pop music poised to bring a shoe gaze vibe to the dance floor. Jupe Jupe's sound is written up as mournful pop music and Head Like A Kite surgically transplants that wonderful mournful quality into a dynamite dance ready remix.

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It is a haunting tune that takes a darker dive than the emotional synthesizer pursuits of such predecessors as New Order or Depeche Mode. Overall, this remix is a full bodied, awesomely textured, and just all around great song that deserves your full attention! Trust me, it's going to move you one way or another!

Buy the tune here as fast as you can!

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