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[RELEASE] Keith McMillen Announces New K-Board Micro MIDI Controller

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Keith McMillen's New Toy Is The First Of It's Kind To Retail For Under $99.00! Deets Below.

KMI (Keith McMillen Instruments) just released their new low-budget high-performance addition to the family, the K-board. Anyone who’s seen Men In Black is familiar with the Noisy Cricket, and while the K-Board won’t level a city block, it’s said to be unbreakable, spill/shock-proof, and have simple plug-n-play compatibility. The K-Board’s priced at $99.00, the first MIDI controller to retail for < $100.00 that wasn’t something like this absolute fucking nightmare. If you haven't checked out our top DJ Controller bit, hit up #7. The KMI QuNexus is the older sibling of the K-Board, but lil’ bro’s got the moves... The K-Board will share the same exact layout of the QuNexus with the same range/pressure sensitive touch pads that put KMI on the map. The only drawback to the K-Board is that it does not feature a pedal or MIDI expnder input. The K-Board’s coming on the market as the cheapest alternative to an expensive hobby, and while it’s no Steinway, try running over a Steinway underwater and replacing for it less than $100.00.

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