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Seth Troxler Talks Burning Man, EDM Culture, & Releases New Mix

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Seth Troxler is having a big day on the internet, releasing a mix and having a full feature interview run on Pulse Radio. First, the music.

The mix, called Rhythm Control is a break from Troxler's usual tech house format, with him playing a mix of rare pop and Balearic grooves. On the mix, he says:

With my "Rhythm Control" mix I wanted to explore a slightly different sound than what people know me for in clubs, and create something that sounds timeless. I've drawn inspiration from different places in time and different styles, and I saw this as a way for me to collect into one place all of those more eclectic influences that continue to inspire me. Most of all this is a mix of slow jams and indie rock to bring some heat in on those cold, cold winter nights."

And in other news Pulse Radio ran a pretty big feature on the Detroit based DJ, where he cleared up some of the more recent Burning Man controversy and clarified his position on the divide between mainstream and underground EDM culture.

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On the rumor that he refused to play the Robot Heart Party at Burning Man this year because they wouldn't let his entourage on the stage:

Yeah. I thought the vibe was horrible and I don’t stand for anything that Robot Heart believes in and who they are. But it was Jamie [Jones] and his friends who weren’t allowed on the bus, but he played anyway. Earlier in the night I got on the bus and the guy from Robot Heart was really rude to me…see they have a thousand DJs who that want to play there, and Craig Richards and I were like, “Yeah well we’re the ones who don’t.” And then we left, because they’re obnoxious assholes and I don’t have time for that.

On the divide in EDM culture:

But I do believe that our scenes are completely separate and should remain separate because our communities and end goals are completely different. To be honest I don’t think any of us want to be involved with them, even though there’s plenty of them who want to seem credible to us…but they never will be. So I’m just like, let’s stop playing games and acting like we should be involved with each other. You do your thing, we’ll do ours and we’ll call it a day. And please don’t ever mention yourselves in the context of real dance music. It would be so much better if they could just come clean and call themselves a pop act – they’re entertainers who make pop music. I didn’t get into dance music to hear it on the radio. I fucking hate the radio. The pay to play system goes against everything I stand for.

You can read the full interview here

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