Spotlight: StoneBridge & Crystal Waters -"Be Kind" (Ples Jones Undaground Rub)


Experience Ples Jones's latest creation “Be Kind”, Ples Jones Undaground Rub
with a bumping rub, Chicago style already featured in StoneBridge's Hed Kandi Japan show.

There's enough 90s vibe to bring back the classic aesthetic, but the song itself is definitely a modern cut made for 2014 and beyond. The pianos are chopped just a little faster, and Waters' vocals keeps the track light and airy.

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For those not familiar, Ples Jones was creating house music remixes and mix tapes for all his Pennsylvania friends and family in the early years. Washington DC was the place where things started to pop, learning and experiencing the craft from house music legends like The Basement Boys and Cystal Waters.

Taking his DC influences and talents back to the keystone state he perfected his skill and delivery over the nextdecade with attendance to the WMC in 2005. His WMC performance was aturning point and got a standing applause from over 2000 of his admired
and industry respected peers.

Most hours you can find him creating and mixing in the beats lab. Creating new music and experimenting with blends of house and electro field he brings his own brand of deep, soulful style and flavor.

His mantra is “ I Keep it simple , I Keep' it funky"

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