Steve Aoki To Start Making Deep House


Steve Aoki To Start Making Deep House

EDM DJ turned raft-master and cake thrower Steve Aoki is baking something new in the kitchen, and it isn't glow-in-the dark frosting.

It turns out that his more mellow gigs over the summer in Ibiza have inspired him to turn down his normal big room vibes and make something a bit more chill- deep house.

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It's all here in a recent interview with Mixmag, where Aoki is specifically discussing his Club Mambo gig in Ibiza.  He says "that kind of environment, the banging stuff just doesn't work, so I was playing house: Maceo Plex, Ten Walls, Tiga's collaborations, Duke Dumont and some more underground stuff."

He goes on to reveal that he's going to release the music under an alias.  "I won't release it under Steve Aoki, it'll be under another name. I don't want to confuse people who associate me with my usual sound, and I want it to be judged on its own merits. We'll see how it does..."

Steve Aoki's latest album, Neon Future is out now and can be ranked on our reader nominated Best Albums of 2014.

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