Strictly For The Trolls: Justin Bieber Unfollows Selena Gomez On Instagram


Strictly For The Trolls: Justin Bieber Unfollows Selena Gomez On Instagram

Straight from BILLBOARD Magazine, you know that reputable, respected source for all things music,  we have found some breaking news - Justin Bieber has unfollowed Selena Gomez on Instagram.  OMG!

Actually, I lied, this isn't breaking news- it hit the wire (and Billboard) on November 12th.  But Billboard has deemed it so music newsworthy that they have left it on their front page for over a week.

Oops, I lied again here... the reason why Billboard has probably left this gossipy, TMZ style, not important to music whatsoever post on their home page for over a week is that people click on it. Odds are this article is massive traffic magnet for their website, which like most media outlets, is pretty important to their business model.

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Should we let this post take away from all their other content - from their music industry news to interviews with emerging artists? Remember, they are covering all things music related, from a new song to a major label starting an EDM division, and maybe a little chessy gossip.

Here at Magnetic, we do the same thing (calm down, I'm not saying that we are on the same level as Billboard- just that might have a slightly similar content/editorial strategy).  We cover electronic dance music culture, and we branch out from there.  We put up eight to ten charts a week, stacked full of new music.  In the past view months, we've done interviews with the Nicole Moudaber, St. Lucia, the Presets, the Bingo Players, and Josh Wink.  We've called out some of the B.S. in the business and aren't afraid to express our voice.

But if we dare post deadmau5 twitter feud or something stupid Parisite Hilton does, all the sudden we are the worst blog ever, at least according to the trolls.  The funny part is, the trolls (you know who you are) only come out for the social and Hilton posts.  Where were they for the interviews with trance legends Cosmic Gate or underground stalwarts like Matrixxman and Coyu?

The bottom line is, we are delivering strong electronic dance music content on a consistent basis, with a few TMZ style posts here and there.  It keeps it fun, and keeps you, the troll coming back for more.

And we want you you to come back.  As much as you can be irritating, we really do appreciate you reading Magnetic and commenting on our content. We would however like to invite you to read some of our deeper, more relevant articles.

See you in the comment section.

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