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Suzanne Kraft @ Teddy's Fridays Relaunch In Hollywood

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Suzanne Kraft @ Teddy's Fridays Relaunch In Hollywood

FRiDAY - D∆NCEP∆RTY @ TEDDY'S - Hollywood Roosevelt - a Thompson Hotel

Teddy's Fridays has long been one of the most defining events in Los Angeles nightlife.   It never has been a night about celebrity or fame-- just quality people and music, those in the know are there. 

This Friday the tradition continues, but in a new direction, as Teddy's changes into a botique nightlife destination for dance music in Los Angeles.  This is not about the biggest names--- it's about the finest music and the best DJs, laying down their expertise on an upgraded soundsystem- with unique mixers brought in based on the DJs needs, playback format and performance style.

This will be a night where you feel like you are in a dance music mecca.  The music programming will be aligned with the universal language of dance music- reinforcing the intimacy that cannot be found in mega-clubs or festivals.  Think of the new Fridays at Teddy's to be like a musical art gallery, where everything is curated to dance.

This week Suzanne Kraft is headlining slot for the Friday relaunch. We've been following him since 2011 when his EP / GREEN FLASH was released on Running Back- since then "Turning" & "Morning Come" have been staples in discerning DJs record collection.  We are all syked for the danceparty and Suzanne Selections under the mirror ball at TEDDY'S for the new launch of the new beginnings on Friday's.

Teddy's Hollywood

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10 PM Til late.  Resident DJ MAXV

7000 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Suzanne Kraft @ Teddy's Fridays Relaunch In Hollywood

Los Angeles based producer and DJ. Operates under solo moniker on labels like Running Back and Rush Hour, as well as a member of Pharaohs and Blasé (w/ Eddie Ruscha.) Also runs the weekly Things of Life radio show on and Thriftcothéque parties in LA with Secret Circuit and Jason Mason.

Coming up on the new Fridays at Teddys:
Tom Croose - Worst friends + Dukes of chutney
Dirty Dave  - Love Thang
Kedd Cook - Rolling Tuff

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