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The Undiscovered Chart - Vote For the Next Big Thing

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Soakerz, one of our Undiscovered Artists featured on our Wavo chart.

Is this the next deadmau5? Undiscovered Passion Pit? Armin van Buuren? Skrillex? Do we want a second coming of Hardwell or Avicii?

This is your chance to help us create the next big name in music. Our new Undiscovered Chart on Wavo is a groundbreaking way to not only discover, but influence the next trends in music. You hear it first, and you determine who makes it to number one.

The chart features talented emerging artists who have yet to take off. And you can be someone who helps them get to the top.

Every week we’ll introduce a bunch of new emerging artists into the chart for you to discover. You’ll get to hear (and often download for free) these fresh tracks and vote on your favorites. Then, we’ll sit down with the top artist every week for a feature article. And every week the chart will refresh. Eat, sleep, discover, repeat.

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Voting is incredibly easy. You simply go to the chart, listen to new music and “heart” your favorite tracks. That’s it.

So instead of Beatport, blogs, or…um…us… telling you what's best, you tell us. Vote for your favorite “Undiscovered” tracks and help us discover the next big thing. Who will it be?

Click here to listen, download and vote.

Current Top 10 on the Magnetic Magazine Undiscovered Chart

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Feature photo of Soakerz.

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