Top Drum & Bass Songs 2014 [Week #44]


The chart this week is suffering from a heavy dose of winter induced ADD.

It’s restless, it’s all over the show and it doesn’t really know what it’s up to other than jumping up and down to the bounce of a heavy bass line. There is no theme or pattern to the picks on show today– I am simply, not that deep, or that complicated. One thing I definitely am though, is cold. Really, properly cold. So, without further ado, it’s time to warm the eff up lads and ladettes! Lock the doors, take a seat sluttily close to that wall mounted heater and grab a listen to what’s on offer for the beginning of the batten down.

This is what’s new, this is what I’m liking and this is my first time doing this -
so go gentle on me you fiends…

1. Delta Heavy
Reborn (June Miller Remix)
Ram Records

All three versions of Reborn are forces in their own right. After some chronic uhhmm-ing and ahh-ing, the June Miller mix ended up taking the cake. Better known as Bart and Mark, June Miller have taken this already killer track and reworked it into something truly deadly, heavy and unrelenting.

2. Nu:Tone
‘Til Dawn (Original Mix)
Hospital Records

The Future History album launches Monday the 10th and understand that the sooner this album drops, the better! ‘Til Dawn is taking it ‘Way back, in the Warehouse days of glory…’ indeed. Tides featuring Lea Lea is also worth a listen while we’re at it…

3. State of Mind & Nymfo
Put It On (Annix Remix)
Blackout Music NL

Some NZ representation bro. State of Mind’s Sun King is responsible for my first taste of D&B back in the motherland… fast forward seven years and they are carving up the charts internationally with their new album. Proud.

4. Joe Ford
Off Centre
Shogun Audio

A masterfully precise and controlled new release from Mr. Ford. Loads of elements at play here, all blending together seamlessly to create one chunky track.

5. Ed Rush
Piranha Pool Recordings

Okay, it’s a tiny bit old but I do not want to be responsible for you missing out on this. ‘Disgusting,’ someone commented on Soundcloud.Yes mate - drums, synth, bass…so well and truly dirty you kind of just want to roll around in it and oink.

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6. Icicle
Problem Feat. Skittles (Original Mix)
Shogun Audio

Dark oi, darkkkkkk. Last time I saw Icicle, the big blonde bastard, I was sliding around the deck of a boat in the Croatian sea at Outlook Festival; been a huge fan ever since. Watch out for that surging bass as the knocking beats in this track layer up.

7. Dub Phizix
Bounce (Original Mix)

Catchy and pinging with a driving bass background and a promo blurb that sums it up completely, ‘This is a song about jumping up and down.’ Too right. What are you waiting for?

8. Boston feat. Solis
Go With Me
Symmetry Recordings

Rolling tune and silky vocal link up in this truly chilled debut track from Symmetry Recordings new sign, Boston. Uplifting and relaxing drum and bass for your face.

9. Fred V & Grafix
Let Your Guard Down (feat. Panda and Iain Horrocks)
Hospital Records

Proper fan girl for these two. Fred and Josh span the fast and the slow using both vocals and an incredible back beat to do so. Beautiful liquid as expected…

10. Audio
Gotham (Original Mix)
Ram Records

Throwing a curveball in. I’m not sure what to make of this one but I’ve listened to it fifteen times in a row so I feel like it might be good. Great even. Rough, adrenaline harvesting…a murky lineup of effects weaving itself around one grimy bass line.

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