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Top Drum & Bass Songs 2014 [Week #45]


November. The month of fireworks, awkward attempts at moustache growth and the premature ramp up to Christmas. Luckily for those of us without pyromania, Tom Selleck aspirations or the overwhelming urge to deck the halls, there is also a shit ton of new drum and bass lining up to be released this month. Plus, I’m still bleating on about Nu:Tone’s new album. Sorry (not sorry).  Here's hoping today's list provides an audio pick and mix of bits and bangers for you to get hooked on, smash on repeat and fold your washing to. Get at it!

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1. Gorgon City (Wilkinson Remix)
Go All Night
RAM Records

I bloody love Wilkinson. He adds serious heavy to his tracks without drowning you in noise. Go All Night was a good house tune, but now Wilkinson’s fiddled with it, it can lay claim to being an absolute smasher of a drum and bass track - which lets face it, is better.

2. Aeph
Fall For You (feat. Tasha Baxter)
Lifted Music

There’s a point, at 1.28 to be specific, where I just barely resisted the temptation to vault onto my work station and skank out with my stapler. Fall For You is pitched as a dancefloor destroyer...or in my case, a desk leg destroyer - either way, completely worth busting up some foundations to.

3. Onallee ft. Am:So
Beat In My Heart
Onallee Records

Roni Size is a heralded name within the drum and bass community and Onallee, a prolific vocalist with Roni in Reprazent, is now carving a name out for herself with new EP, Revolution, launching in December. There’s 4 sweet tracks on there kids, here’s a catchy little taster.

4. Concord Dawn
The Fuzz
Uprising Records

You should be close to frothing at the mouth upon realising that Concord Dawn is releasing a new EP  'The Fuzz' in November. Got my sticky little hands on a preview and the Kiwi lads have not let me down…bass as epic as ever.

I will not rest until NZ is famous for DnB over sheep shagging and Hobbiton.

5. Dimension
Love To Me
MTA Records

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Dimension’s remix of Chase and Status’ International is one of my favourite things to drop this year and the track below is further evidence of some cracking stuff coming from the hands of Robert Etheridge.

6. Ten Ven & Ripley vs. Zebra Katz
1 Bad Bitch (Kove Remix)
MTA Records

Eeny meeny miney mo – catch a banger by the toe…this Kove remix of 1 Bad Bitch is an energy deliverer, musical Red Bull for your soul and yes, one bad filthy bitch of a tune.

7. Fliwo
Liquicity Records

After bashing through a lot of Jungle in my research efforts this week, I immersed myself in the preview of the forthcoming Liquicity album, Esacapism 2 to ward off the heart palpitations. The male and female vocals, combo'd with rolls of piano, fuse together here to create a soothing shot of slippery liquid love...

8. InsideInfo
Metamorphosis (feat. Miss Trouble)
Viper Recordings

Thanks to Ravercise (reserve your judgment and take a geez) this caner from Futurebound’s label, Viper, slipped under my radar back in April. An absolute tunnnne; it has weasled it’s way through my lycra and into my heart. See what you make of it – the drop is unreal.

TAG TEAM 9/10.
Special ft. Maxine Ashley (Nu:Tone VIP Remix)


Tides ft. Lea Lea
Hospital Records

I touched on Tides briefly in the last chart and had some post-post regret after I heard it again the next day on Hospital podcast #244. Then I heard the Special VIP and got torn again - so rather than drag it into a 3 week  ‘Future History’ lovefest, I’ll just slap them both out there now. You’re very welcome.

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