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Top Drum & Bass Songs 2014 [Week #47]


Wahey tis’ the season to be skanking! Thanksgiving has just taken place for you lot in the US, so in line with tradition, I would like to give a solid cheers to the ultimate genre that is the drum and the bass. Why? Because, so far, nothing has truly given me more enjoyment, identity or passion in life - apart from the sexual almond croissant, but don’t get me started there. I’m sure D&B has impacted many of you in a similarly overenthusiastic ways and this widespread love is personified during events such as the Drum&BassArena Awards (taking place in London next week!) and the brilliant new album launches which burst from every dimly lit floor space available. So if you haven’t started getting in the spirit yet, if you haven’t begun eating, drinking or two stepping to excess, then take this as full permission to start celebrating another successful year of heavy tunes. Be thankful for our beautiful scene and the talent that pours into it and ramp up with a few of the spirited offerings below…

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Jam Thieves
I Want Money
Serial Killaz

Jam Thieves…are you shitting me? Rate these Brazilian dudes for the sick name alone – however, if you are not as easily impressed then I suggest you try 5 seconds of this track alone. They can have my jam, they can have my unborn children – have anything you want boys – the whole EP is full of fucking fantastic drum and bass.

Colours (Whiney Remix)
Liquicity Records

Waited three weeks for this to prem on UKF in order to share my excitement- loads of anticipation behind this one for me so have a chew on it and hopefully my enthusiasm has not been unwarranted.

Sub Killaz
Why Not
Short Circuit Records

Yes! Yes! Listen now. Loud.....louddddderrrr....oof there we go. Finished that? Hands off that volume sucker, second track Hog Bass now...whuuuuumpp whu-whhhummmp whump, tchh-tchh-tch, all the sounds...could have just gone with I love this in hindsight.

I love this.

Renegade Hardware

Maztek is something a little bit different, a little bit special maybe...I felt surprised when listening to this track. You think it's one thing, but then something else rocks up and tags in - bit Jekyll and Hidey but I like the element of what the fuck.

Tantrum Desire
Technique Records

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Tempo flickering, energy demanding – get a mince pie down you because you’re going to need the energy for this one – a ‘dancefloor bomb’ of the highest quality from these two South East London lads.

Silent Witness
Horizons Music

All types of freaky going on in this track - an audio melt of drums, snares, synths and effects a rookie like me would have no hope of placing. Like it matters, it makes for some upliftingly ominous D&B - no mean feat.

Breath In
Fokuz Recordings

Ooh lovely...from the LP Jungle Ballad, released this Monday, hails a full on blissed out driving tune if I ever heard one. When I began to appreciate this type of chilled jam I do not know but blast the heater and channel a Pacific Christmas because this shit is tropical.

Will You Be Mine (ft. Sarah Hezen)
Shogun Audio

Blazing up the Beatport charts for bloody good reason...Sarah Hezen provides creeping vocal interest to this dark and chilly little number. Icicle launched Entropy at Corisca Studios in London town the other week - very jealous of anyone who got to attend. The album is all round slick.

Pilot Records

A mighty, mighty debut release from Ownglow also known as Sam Reeves from Bournemouth...floaty as liquid...

Anchor (Noisestorm Remix)
Enhanced Music

Another beaut plumbed from the UKF files (who never seem to get it wrong). IF you're having a rough day  take a swing on this uplifting vocal remix - guaranteed to sort you out.

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