Top Nu-Disco & Indie Dance Chart [Week #45]


Well, we’ve got it all this week and then some. Diverse is the best way to descibe the Top Nu-Disco & Indie Dance selections for this first week of chillvember. The club is a warm place to be in all climates, which can be a welcome or hated thing, but something tells me in the northern hemisphere this is a much desired thing. So, with that in mind, I’ve selected some of the latest and greatest that get your body going to get a nice little warm sweat in full effect, but a few to warm your heart with something nice and tingly. You’ll be feeling real good after all this, so have at it!

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1. “Northern Disco Lights” Blow Ta Ta Horn
Oh, oh yeah… OH YEAH! The winter months are not a bad thing, it’s all a matter of perspective. Without longer nights and a orbital tilt a few degrees to the sun, we wouldn’t ever get to experience these northern disco lights!

2. “Happiness” Chris Malinchak
The first comment on soundcloud for this certifiably awesome tune is just viiiiiiiiibes. That sums it up. It’s Chris Malinchak, the man’s just the best! You should already know this, so why do I need to keep trying to convince you to play this song? JUST LOVE IT ALREADY!

3. “Cruel Intentions” Art Department feat. Seth Troxler
The kings of the underground, gods of authenticity, just the best artists around in this electronic music scene - Art Department and Seth Troxler get down to give you a sexy dark number that’s sure to give you a few feels or two.

4. “Parachute (CamelPhat Remix)” Otto Knows
Otto Knows is renowned as a progressive maestro crushing massive crowds the world over, but CamelPhat brings him back to the club, and gives us a delicate but delectable remix that’s going to get everyone dancing this way and that!

5. “Aller Vers Le Soleil (Hercules & Love Affair Remix)” Sebastien Tellier, Record Makers
Are you ready for a light, cute, feathery, and super sexy kiss? Well, that’s what this remix is going to do to you, so don’t have a bad attitude; let it happen. I couldn’t imagine a more amazing combination of talent than this remix right here…

6. “Thank You” Röyksopp, Dog Triumph
So sad to see them go, but at the same time, this goodbye is so beautiful. They are on their last album, and it just feels so appropriate. We all don’t want to see them end, but they’re doing it so well! This song is so beautiful, I had to take note… Great things must be supported, despite genre constraints. It’s still got a groove and a funk in its melancholic step.

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7. “Hyperspace” Kastle & Amtrac
This is the type of remix that spins you right round like a record baby, and then it blasts you off into space, and next thing you know it you’re going into a wormhole in hyperspace with Matthew McConnaughey, alright, alright, alright. Great work guys, keep these high quality collabs coming!

8. “Siren Song” Kerb Staller, Leftroom
Groove, groove, groove baby groove! This song is going to take it back to take it forward. Classic disco with a touch of the contemporary, Kerb Staller, you’re doing it right.

9. “Your Girl (Justified Noise Remix)” Tourist
Deeper dance fair, Justified Noise has a unique perspective with his remixes. With this selection, he took something contemplative, moved the focus down from the mind to your feet, touching a bit on your heart along the way I would say.

10. “Burning Gold (Autograf Remix)” Christina Perri
Sometimes selections don’t need to be all funk and hype, sometimes they can be the tunes that close out the night. Bring you down nicely, like a perfect hug after you know you got it done on the dancefloor with your buds and beauties alike.

Featured Mix of the Week!
A new thing I’m starting! Kicking it off we have a young up and coming California producer that goes by the name Bassbunnyy… Oh boy, does she have talent! It’s an indie dance mix with a g-house focus, so get focused and let this great mix take you away!

And the full playlist!

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