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Top Nu-Disco & Indie Dance Chart [Week #46]


It’s thursday, so right off the bat, let’s throw it back. We’ve got some great tunes and fun in this week’s Top Nu-Disco & Indie Dance Selections! Eclectic, fun, and a little bit of crazy. Now, without further ado, enjoy some Disco Duck to get the good times going!

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1. “Destop” Mr. Oizo, Brainfeeder
In the cinematic adaptation of ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’, a quote was used that I think describes Mr. Oizo up perfectly… Too weird to live, too rare to die. He’s back with his latest album, and it’s as amazing and oizoian as you could hope! It’s goes everywhere, and this selection right here, it’s got a great haunting groove to it.

2. “Jet Skis & Joints (T. Ross Strip Club Mix Preview)” Navid Izadi
This is a Tanner Ross strip club mix, and I really don’t think this song should be played in a strip club, if only to prevent a whole bunch of babies from being conceived! This song is the hottest sex this year has heard!

3. “The Feeling” Jessie Andrews
There’s nothing that Jessie Andrews can’t do, and now she’s got a hit EP ready for all your dancing needs. Excellent production and a dance floor focus, this tune shows that Jessie Andrews is burning bright.

4. “Young Rivals (Off Da Clock Remix)” Night Drive
Doing a great job with its retro quality, this song is a nice cinematic piece, building up a fine crescendo that is engaging and enrapturing.

5. “Push” A-Trak feat. Andrew Wyatt
A-Trak and the leadsinger of Miike Snow… You don’t need me to say anything else, this is a choon!

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6. “Wait Just Wait” Eric Sharp & Whitney Fierce, RISLabs
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah this is just the best kind of song to embrace as day transitions to night. A nice little dusk number, a sunset song that will give you warm and fuzzy feelings, letting you know the world is great and you’ve got a good evening right in front of you.

7. “Finally (Vanilla Ace dharkfunkh remix)” West. K & Saccao feat. Diva Vocal, Milk & Sugar Recordings
A re-release of a classic, and I had to highlight it. It’s got a darker tint to it, not necessarily shady, but it is smoke and mirrors. This song has some sort of nefarious agenda, could be mischief, could be evil.

8. “Uptown Funk” Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars, RCA Records
I have been wondering what Mark Ronson has been doing these past couple of years. Now I know, the pop world isn’t ready, but it’s about to be taken over by Mark Ronson, with a little help from Bruno Mars. Thank god their bringing funk back to the charts!

9. “Designer Drug” Mayer Hawthorne
The groove is huge here… Yes it’s a poppyier selection, but anything that’s got that disco fingerprint is going to get consideration if it’s got it going on! Groove away to this one! It’s a classic walking around in the modern day if you ask me!

10. “Illuminate” Tourist feat. Years and Years, Polydor
Sad dance music… The feels are very real, and the vocals have a touch of dearly departed Michael Jackson. This is a song to groove to, but it’s proof that not all grooves need to be joyous and happy, sometimes a blue groove is just what you need to dance it out.

Mix of the Week

Discobelle Mix 050: Les Professionnels
A mix by Les Professionnels, true contemporary nu-disco professionals in their own right. They did it in honor of their ‘Don’t Give It Away’ release, and it’s worth your time.

Why not listen to all the selections all the way through? Disco Duck definitely approces, as does Flat Eric!

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