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Top Techno Selections [Week #46]


Okay techno turkeys, here is your Thanksgiving Top Techno chart! It’s not really thanksgiving themed other than this description area, but I assure you, the techno meats and vegetables are perfect for the ideal Thanksgiving dinner soundtrack. So many techno flavors, too many nutrients to even list, just top notch talent putting out some amazing releases to ensure your holiday season sounds as fresh as the rest of your year. So, let’s be thankful for Top Techno, especially this week!

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1. “Sun Models (Worthy Remix)” ODESZA feat. Madelyn Grant
Come now, and walk with Worthy on an etheral journey along a path paved first by ODESZA. A dreamy remix that has as much bounce in its sexy bass as it does the relaxed, melodic essence of the original. I’ll say it now, and I’ll defend it for the rest of the year, Worthy wins remixer of the year award. Oh, and it’s only appropriate that we have a dirtybird topping our thanksgiving list, right?

2. “Electricity (Carl Craig C2 Blowed Out Remix)” Pleasure State
A supergoup gets remixed by a superhuman. Taking on Pleasure State (MK + Lee Foss + Anabel Englund), the techno god Carl Craig delivers his own tech interpretation of the group’s debut track, just in time for the next batch of Pleasure State’s releases.

3. “Gender Bender” SHADED, SCI + TEC
A playful piece of good music from SCI+TEC that is both mischievous and polished. There is a touch of darkness, and the distorted vocals confuse and entice the listener. You aren’t sure what this song is, other than from the obvious fact that it is pretty damn great.

4. “Solitary Daze” Maceo Plex & Gabriel Ananda, Ellum Audio
Yet again, Maceo Plex fills the universe with his awe inspiring brand of epic techno. Ellum is quickly becoming a label on the cutting edge, and this latest release with label head Maceo Plex and Gabriel Ananda is pushing the cutting edge boldly into the future.

5. “Ghost (Maya Jane Coles Remix)” The Acid, Infectious Music
At first feeling cold, then heating up every touch by touch, every nuance a calculated and perfection addition by Ms. MJC. It’s a haunting tune, and I only say that after listening to the song and then realizing the title.

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6. “Haunted Girl Canyon” Henry Saiz, Suara
The big names are flocking to the biggest label of this year, Suara. The latest fat cat of electronic music to grace the cat enthusiastic label is Henry Saiz. True to form, Henry Saiz delivers an epic work that simmers to a magical experience. It’s defiant song, blending tech house, disco and electronica gracefully and effortlessly.

7. “Rattle” Cowboy Rhythmbox, Phantasy Sound
A new favorite arist, Cowboy Rhythmbox is off to a great start! It’s a barrage of industrial drums and frenetic chants. In no uncertain terms, it’s raw aggressive composition that’s in your face, but it’s still got style.

8. “Submerge” JPLS, SCI+TEC
Oh this is a big one. It’s a techno titan, and it’s ready to destroy civilizations. Buckle in your seat belts, get ready for launch, this is the type of explosive tune that is going to detonate, and destroy all in its blast zone.

9. “Nightlife” Nightwave
The pounding bass layered with glitch components and a shimmering melody form this uniquely fascinating work. Discordant, yet cohesive, this song is the type that hovers between nightmare and dream.

10. “Illusion” Cardopusher, Boysnoize Records
A little bit of a mellower release than the usual Boysnoize Records releases, but it still has that definitive powerful edge. It’s a chilled out roller, but it’s still got teeth.

Mix of the Week! - Phil Kieran’s “Northmix”

Regarded as a DJ’s DJ, this Irish talent has rolled up his sleeves and made some great selections for his “Northmix” for Thump.

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