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Top Tropical House / Chill Music Week 46 - ­ New Electronic Music

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Top Tropical House / Chill Music Week 46 - ­ New Electronic Music

We’re giant riders, early risers, daytime discoers and poolside partiers. We’re sunseters, sunrisers, supersoakers and sunscreeners. We’re wild childs, wild animals, wild lovers and wild things. We see the world through refracted colored glasses, we explore the cracks, taste the unknown flavors, ignite the senses and start fires. We love, we feel, we vibe, we groove, we tude, never rude, in the mood and boy do we know how to move.

We tell tall tales, make tidal waves, adventure the open ranges, soak in the sunlight, dance under the moonlight, make out, latch on, build up, scream to the heavens, stand in awe, fight for freedom, laugh it up, talk it up and live it up. We’re self proclaimed untrained artists, we’re self fulfilling humble creatures, we celebrate each other, ourselves and nothing and thats okay. We smile A LOT, we kiss long, hard and wet, we steal hearts, break barriers, see the future, find the best of the past and tell it like it God damn is. We have eyes on the horizon, ears to the ground, feet on the dancefloor and lips singing along.


Paradise is what we seek, vibrant is what we dream and vivid is how we remember. We are the people who rule the world, we are the explorers, we’re here, we’re now and with this week’s top tropical and chill chart its time to get down...

Note: The full playlist can be found at the bottom of this article if you just wanna jam all the way through! Enjoy....

1. “Made In Hollywood” LANY
Bask in the seductive light of LA's glowing neon cityscape with local group LANY. The homegrown track certainly evokes the free flying sense of running around causing trouble with the beautiful wild creatures of this dense, dancing lalaland. The simple organ synth cloud it floats on gives a surreal feel to an otherwise 90's soaked indie dance cruiser.

2. “Something Good feat. Speelburg” Bondax
The beat boombox Brit boys of Bondax are back with a bouncing baby makin boogie bombshell. And Good LORD is it funky fresh. The future garage youngsters have released a slate of day making fresh tunes in the last few weeks which only leads me to believe an EP is in the works. Hop into this low rider with a sexy sax paint job and soulful singer Speelburg behind the wheel.

3. “Ocean (LCAW Remix)” Andreas Moe
The chirping bird that wakes you up in the morning never sounded so beautiful and welcoming than this invigorating slice of paradise from smooth criminal LCAW. The digital chirps, bongo bops, and echoing acoustics all simmer under the bassline slowly melting you into a puddle of happy. I included a little surprise in the full playlist at the bottom of this chart, his brand new remix of Zhu’s ‘Paradise Awaits’. If it was cheese its the gouda kind.

4. “Driving Deeper In feat. Aerick Baker” Kawkastyle, Ensis Records
We got some of that delicious hip hop pop trop on the menu today and its served best with a fine ice cold anything with alcohol. It’s got a radio-esque catchy crooning vocal track and thats why I think the masses, especially you beach babes, will find this song on repeat this weekend. Kawkstyle’s sunset house style is the sweet and sexy sauce to dip your delicious nugs of life in.

5. “For You (Cesare Remix)” Fickle Friends
Just do yourself a favor and do some daytime dancing this weekend. Its part of your balanced breakfast they say and the sun is still shining even if things have cooled off a bit. This is that perfect mellow mesmerizer to get footworkin to. The UK dreampop group Fickle Friends should be pleasantly surprised with this rework by Brazilian Cesare and his pink lemonade skyline sound. The caipirinhas are flowing, the sky is glowing and with every listen my love of this song is growing.

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6. “R E A L” Le Youth, Sony Records
The sound of popping in a cassette tape at the beginning should tell you everything you need to know about Le Youth of LA. He’s all about a more highly polished 80’s synthscape with a pop groove flair that just urges you to grab the most beautiful woman/man in the room and give them a long, smoldering kiss that lasts 3 days. He’s already proven he can electrify the dancefloor with C O O L but this new something special slows things down at the perfect moments, reminding me of a future garage Classixx kinda daytime disco groove. Smokey the Bear can’t even prevent this kind of fire. He’s too busy dancing anyways.

7. “Catch and Release (Patrick Lite Remix)” Matt Simons
Patrick Lite is the new Kygo of chill house music. He’s got that soft glow sunshine flavor and composes some of the most melodic, beautifully composed daydreamers out there. This is the music that is a catalyst for great adventurous decisions and accentuates any natural beauty you’re lucky enough to be enjoying. The delicate acoustic delight by Matt Simons is turned another shade of gorgeous with the simple touches that Patrick Lite layers on and it sounds like everything that makes this month Chillvember.

8. “Without You” Lane 8, Anjunadeep
When you turn this track up your heartbeat pulses to the pace of Lane 8’s deep chill vibe. This grooveberry smoothie is the signature slow play sound this strongly established producer has instilled in our ears over and over again. Throughout its soothing progression it still maintains a bouncing tempo that keeps the two step strong and shoulders shaking. You get lost and just trust Lane 8 to lead you blindly into his world of vibrant simplicity. The opening to his unbelievable new Fall mixtape starts with Willy Wonka’s classic line “We are the music makers and We are the dreamers of dreams”. No words could better describe this phenomenal artist’s style.

9. “Thinking Out Loud (Alex Adair)” Ed Sheeran
It must be nice to be Ed Sheeran...woman want him and tropical house artists want to remix him. This certainly isn’t the first time the copper top crooner has been reworked with a juicy fruit flavor and I hope it isn’t the last. Mr. Alex Adair must know his way around the kitchen because this recipe of simmering shaking sundrenched ingredients is freakin delish. If he competed on Trop Chef he’d win for sure. Without wearing it on its sleeve this is the tropical house music you want to be listening to on an autumn seasoned overcast beach sitting around the bonfire and cozied up to someone with gorgeous eyes and soft lips.

10. “Falling In Love (Teen Daze Remix)” I Am Snow Angel
Teen Daze of the chillwave tribe has the unwavering ability to make you feel like you’re floating around in a bubble whenever his silky sounds drip from the speakers. Its sensual, embracing and lovely for any laid back moment that you find yourself in. The best part of fall is the simple sights, sounds, smells and tastes that make us feel peaceful and at home. Teen Daze embodies that feel to the fullest while still taking you to an ethereal place outside your spectrum of beautiful.

Full Chart. Groove on…

Photo Cred: Liz England “We’re fully in November and the days are getting shorter. This pic was taken on New Years Eve 2013, the very last sunset of the year. Has a soft, glowy, hopeful vibe to it”

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