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Top Tropical House Songs Of the Week ­ - Week 46

Top Tropical House / Chill Music Week 46 - ­ New Electronic Music

It’s time to prepare our bodies and minds for the festive, colder months ahead. It would begroove you to take your vibe-amins and stay flydrated with all this chillness going around. Friends and family time await and all that warmth and love is what I’ve tried to capture in the sound of this week’s top tropical and chill tracks. Don’t be a glut and grow a gut with all that delicious food and drank. Lucky for you these tunes will burn calories on the dancefloor and go nicely with an over serving of holiday spirits. It may be too early to listen to Christmas music but its never too late to enjoy those tropichill sounds that can be enjoyed year round.

QUICK NOTE: The full playlist can be found at the bottom of this article if you just wanna jam all the way through! Enjoy

1. “Jealous (Bakermat Remix)” Labrinth
Sex on the a delicious drink. And what you might be thinking about when you listen to this soul melter featuring the stimulating sounds of London’s incredibly talented Labrinth. The man behind the decks and instrumentalization, Bakermat, has been slaying hearts with his melodic house stylings rich with a refined production to every track and mix I’ve heard. Check out his brand new Movember Moustache Mixtape he recently put out for Bloes Brothers. Its the tits pajamas.

2. “Stay in Love feat. Sam Sparro (Extended Edit)” Plastic Plates, Ultra
The soul igniting killa combo of Plastic Plates and Sam Sparro is back with a new edit of their heartpounder hit of the summer. Its extending the song and the sunshine season all in one with a club banger made for creative dance moves and smiling tudes. Sam Sparro just has the most crisp sexy voice and Australia’s disco house delighter Felix Bloxsom aka Plastic Plates gives you just enough energy to keep your body rampaging ‘round the room. Check out the new smokin hot video for the song for some extra flavor.

3. “Message in a Bottle (Chillion Remix)” The Police
I love getting to feature emerging trop artists and I love it even more when they’re so damn good at what they do. Chillion of the UK island life has released a slate of bumping bongofied beats with a sharp eye for content to rework. He’s worked with a few more recent hit tracks but this remix of The Police’s classic is something I’ve truly been waiting to hear in the tropical house game. Sting and Phil Collins’ voices and styles are meant to be tropified and Chillion has succeeded in working with the song’s strengths, subtly infusing it with all the right island elements to send it to another level of silky smooth.

4. “El Diablo” Human Life & Anabel Englund, Win Music
I think this might be my song of the year. It takes you by the hand, tells you to close your eyes and transports you to a retro western garden of disco. Anabel Englund, the muse of house music, slows down time with a vocal set that leaves you paralyzed from the ears down. The entire production is so delicately refined and perfect, enraptured in glowing synths and soft licks of percussive pops all orchestrated by her close friend Human Life. There is something natural and vibrant in its effortless ability to keep you sliding and grooving for the full mesmerizing marathon and I think its the close relationship between these two incredible talents.

5. “First Impressions” Kele, Lilac Records
Hold up, wait a minute, let me put some chill house in it. Kele of Bloc Party descent has released one of the best albums of the year with a smoldering single that wears its good first impression on its sleeve. Its cooler than his other side of the pillow and hypnotizing in its simple pulsing synth backdrop and dripping, clicking soft touches. It feels like meeting eyes for the first time with that someone that you know has a wild adventure waiting in them. This is just a taste of a solid multi course meal from this fine singer/producer.

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6. “Jealous (The Rooftop Boys Remix)” Nick Jonas
This ones for all you beach babes out there. Nick Jonas' new album is hot fire flames and has the hips hypnotized and inhibitions declining at a rapid pace. There isn't a shortage of sunshine swoon however in this trop pop remix by The Rooftop Boys. Even the broest of bros will be singing this one out loud in the car.

7. “Featherstone (Lakechild Remix)” The Paper Kites
There are songs that you just sit and listen to and there's songs that make you wanna get on up and seize the God damn day. Paper Kites’ original summer strummer is fantastically refreshing and relaxing and the German duo Lakechild has taken their ear for great folk music and painted it with a fresh coat of chill vibes. Adventure awaits and its skip-a-long songs like these that keep the energy flowing all year round.

8. “Chocolate” Giraffage, Fool’s Gold Records
California homegrown Giraffage has impressed me every step of the way with his solid pop influenced remixes and head bobbing style. The moment has finally come with his new EP “No Reason” dropping trou’ on the world next week. This is just a little taste of the sweetness, a song written for his little brown chihuahua “Chocolate”. I find that God damn adorable and I have mad respect for that dog if it evokes this goodness from the speakers. Be sure to grab the EP and a ticket for his upcoming North American tour.

9. “Unique” Aerotique & Parra For Cuva
Every now and then I go through some of my favorite artists’ libraries of work and stumble upon an older song that I’ve never heard and seems to be relatively unknown. This is one of those hidden gold nugs buried deep under the earth and it deserves some flashback friday love. It came out almost exactly a year ago and makes me reflect on how the sound can relate the same to the time of year but also how so much has changed. We’ve all gone through a lot, evolving, growing, dealing with trials and triumphs but music is an everlasting rock that transcends all that and holds onto the feeling of a time or place. In this case “Unique” is that cloudy sky comfort of fall, laying in bed, tangled up in blankets and lounging the day away. Parra for Cuva has a bunch of fantastic new tracks you should dive head first into but this one really stood out when I was traversing his tranquil tune forest. Not to mention it introduced me to an awesome young Swiss DJ Aerotique who everyone should take a gander at.

10. “Waited 4 U (ODESZA Remix)” Slow Magicl
ODESZA’s “Say My Name” is the hottest ticket in town for the remixer convention and I think they felt a little left out. So what did they do? Flew to Vegas, got turnt up to eleven for five straight days, bought an avocado farm, considered burning it down and then turned the tables on those bitches and dropped a remix of their own. Okay, only the last part is true but I wouldn’t put the rest past them. Slow Magic’s “Waited 4 U” is one of the hottest tracks of the year and the ODESZA boys throw a couple extra cans of gasoline on the fire with layers of trap drums, blaring synths and that signature friscalating glimmer sound thats just the sprinkles on the cupcake.

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Photo Cred: Liz England

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