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Top Techno Selections [Week #45]


Not yet Thanksgiving in this fair North American nation of the United States of America, but are you thankful for this week’s Magnetic Magazine Top Techno? Pretty pleased with the selections this week, or were the techno gods pleased with me? These questions are the ones that will keep you up at night, but thankfully you can listen to this playlist in your waking late night hours pondering the technoverse.

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1. “Love Letters (Agoria Remix)” Metronomy
Metronomy seems to be one of the contenders for number one remixed bands of the year! But this remix is special, Agoria ain’t nothing to stick your nose up to. Agoria makes this song his own and takes it in a radically new, yet wonderful direction.

2. “Homeland” & “A House” Joris Voorn
Joris Voorn’s finally released his latest album, and it’s running strong as this editor’s favorite of the year. Two exclusives debuted on Pete Tong for you consideration, although I wouldn’t say there is much to consider, they are winners. ‘Homeland’ is a strong that just moves you.

3. “Avarice” Throwing Snow, Houndstooth
A powerful, ominous, discordant droning work from Throwing Snow. The lead song off the latest Mosaic LP.

4. “Always Something Better (DJ Tennis & Mind Against)” Trentemøller
It dances with darkness, alluring and contemporary with underground techniques and sensibilities. This is a sophisticated song, and the climax is subtly out of this world. I won’t ruin the surprise, just be ready for something surprisingly different in the most beautiful way possible.

5. “Can’t Help Myself” Brodinski feat. SD, Parlophone
Finally! Brodinski debuts the lead song off his impending debut album. True to form, blending his two passions of pounding techno and hip hop, he gives the world a bad ass tune that’ll slap your mother and think nothing of it.

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6. “Flight of the Concords” Pig&Dan, Terminal M
This is more sex than comedy, so slightly confused on the title, but I think it brings more scrutiny to the tune. It’s got a smooth groove, relaxed but strong, Pig&Dan never do wrong.

7. “Akebono” Dusky, 17 Steps
Hypnotic roller that makes good use of the high hats to get your attention and focus it on the task at hand, getting down and movin all around. Dusky is crushing this year of our lord two thousand and fourteen, and this song is just bringing it to a proper close, unless of course they decide to release some more goodnesss in the waning months of the year.

8. “Typeface / Greyscale (Vatican Shadow’s The World is Complete)” Akkord, Houndstooth
Another cool calm collected work of amazing techno released on one of my favorite labels, Houndstooth. I don’t want to say much, I will say this is a work of techno that I feel spies listen to...

9. “Our Story feat. Vanbot” Boeoes Kaelstigen, Adrian Recordings
Is this techno? They labeled it techno, and it struck me… It’s melodic, it’s got a bit of repetition going… It’s great, indisputable fact, but is it techno? You know what, I dig it, so if they want to call it techno, then I’m agreeing with them and charting it.

10. “Tape Drone” Luigi Madonna, Sleaze Records
The drone vibe is very alive here. Get ready to be hypnotized and lulled into something special.

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