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Unreleased deadmau5 Leak Is Awe-Inspiring

Unreleased deadmau5 Leak Is Awe-Inspiring

This now-emerging, unreleased deadmau5 "track" will leave you in absolute awe.

Like some voyage through space and time, the leak is humbling to say the least. It’s proof that deadmau5 left the realm of EDM long ago and is simply on another plane of consciousness.

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Maybe all the Twitter antics, lawsuits and whathaveyousare all just one big ignition sequence that propels the real Joel Zimmerman to other worlds. Maybe not. But it is quite the contrast. From someone so loud comes something that will leave you speechless. From his distant vantage point, everything on Earth must seem so small...

The unreleased deadmau5 "half-baked melody" first appeared in a mix back in 2013 but has begun to emerge from the static today thanks to Wavo. The new music platform has itself begun to emerge as a more visual music aggregate and is home to our new Undiscovered Artist Chart (You know, in case you want to be first on the scene for the next awe-inspiring thing).

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