Vote For The Best DJ Headphones - 2014


Vote For The Best DJ Headphones - 2014

Nominate And Vote For The Best DJ Mix Of 2014

The right pair of DJ headphones is an essential part of your DJ rig.  It not only comes down to sound quality, but also durability, fit and feel. It definitely is all about personal preference.

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So we want to throw this question out to you, whether your the discerning pro or a bedroom jock- What are the best DJ headphones of 2014 ? Vote your favorite pair up, your least favorite down. These can be new entries to tried and true staples. Don't see the pair you swear by on the list? Add them!

Nominations go through December 10th, with voting closing on December 15th.

EDITOR'S NOTE:We made some policy changes on 11/14, and reset the chart voting at that time as well. 
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